Homeless hampers for dogs

Occasionally on my way to my shop I see Homeless people sitting on the floor with dogs. I would really like your help by kindly purchasing a hamper for them.  I have thought about what they need and how I can help them. I would like to provide the owner with some items to help them care for their dog. The hampers will cost £20, the items I feel would help the most are

  • Travel Water Bottle (I have picked this as it is easy to refill and easy to use without a bowl)
  • Travel Food Bowl (this folds up so it is easy for the owner to carry and will not take up much space or be heavy to carry)
  • Dog Coat (this is to keep the dog warm and dry and is worn so the owner does not have to carry it)
  • 1 Bag of Complete Dog Food (this can be used anywhere instead of tinned dog food)
  • Treats and Toy (to make the dog happy)
  • Letter to say that the money was kindly donated to help them and some leaflets on caring for their dog

Once a hamper has been purchased I will put together the items and will  contact the homeless centres to ask if they can help and arrange for them to pass the items on or collect them from the Pawabella shop. 


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