Pawabella wins Alan Wills Innovation Award June 04 2015, 0 Comments

Sound City 2015 Alan Wills Innovation Award

The 21st May was an amazing experience for me, I went to the Sound City conference in the Titanic Hotel. I had been shortlisted to pitch my business for funding, I got to pitch for the Alan Wills Innovation Award to a panel of 5 judges. I was the last one to pitch after 5 other contestants, one of the judges took princess around while I talked, I talked about how Pawabella began, my plans for the future and what I would spend the prize money on, while we waited for the judges to add up their scores I won the people's vote from the clap-o-meter. Then at the end the judges picked me and I won the award and £500 funding plus help for my business. I was very happy I didn't know what to say, then when we were leaving the man from Spain in a box joking said "how am I meant to compete with a dog in a dress" it was funny and everyone was very friendly.

To prepare I practiced my speech lots of times in one of the rooms in the Titanic Hotel, then we had to sit in the green room whilst we all waited to pitch, as we where going around the stalls I sat at the business seats and wrote on cards the order to tell my speech, also I had a slide show on an iPad of some the items I make and sell to show the judges.

I was so happy I couldn't believe I actually won , my mum was so proud of me that I actually won the Alan Wills Innovation Award and I am really looking forward to all the extra help with my business, I was so pleased I won.